Thursday, October 16, 2014

Luvsome pet food GIVEAWAY

Do your kids have daily or weekly chores? We have been trying to do better about getting LM and Lark to help around the house this past year by giving them responsibility over their room and a few other household chores. It definitely hasn't always been a smooth road for us with whining on their end and yelling on mine, but I am finally seeing some results as I have tried to be consistent and I'm not going to lie, it feels awesome. The other day I asked them to clean their room while I nursed Tommy and put him down for his nap and when I came out they had actually done it. The best part was they were so proud of themselves and excited to show me what a good job they had done!

One of LM's jobs is to feed our cat Tiger Lily every morning. This actually happens down in our basement storage room which is where we keep the cat food, water bowl, and litter box. My husband had the brilliant idea to install a cat door on the storage room door so Tiger Lily can go in and out as she pleases and it has worked out so great. It wouldn't have made for very appealing pictures though, so this day we completely confused her by feeding her in some natural light, ha!

LM has accepted feeding the cat as her responsibility and is even starting to take some pride in it which has been fun to watch unfold. Sure there are still days that she doesn't want to do it, or she needs Lark to go with her into the basement if she's feeling a little timid, but for the most part she does it willingly and knows it is a way we expect her to contribute in our home. I try to make sure both girls know how much we appreciate their help and that they play an important role in our household as well as in our family.

Luvsome gave us some of their nutritionally balanced cat food for Tiger Lily to try out and she has been making the switch over to it the last couple of months. Apparently, she was ready for a change because she ripped a hole into the bottom of the bag before we could even open it, thus the reason it is opened upside-down. We used their recommended method of transitioning Luvsome cat food into her old cat food slowly over a period of time, adding a little more each time until the old cat food is completely phased out. This is to help prevent your cat from getting an upset tummy. I am happy to say that Tiger Lily is doing really well on Luvsome now!

Would you like to try out Luvsome for your pet? They are generously offering my readers two switch kits, each with a free coupon for Luvsome and a $50 gift card. Simply leave a comment telling me what kind of pet(s) you have and their name(s) along with your email. I'll choose two lucky winners next Friday. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

38/52 + 16 weeks

(I meant to post this last week)

Sometimes the only pictures I take all week are snapped within five minutes of each other like these. There is less variety but I am still capturing a moment that is worth remembering to me. Honestly, I am quite proud of how I am doing with this challenge, even though I've missed some weeks along the way, and I am so glad it has motivated me to get my camera out (and not just my phone) even if it was only for a few minutes one day. Life with three young kids is busy!

1- The girls like to let Tommy pull their hair since he has recently discovered his hands and is starting to grab at things. It is cute and funny to them now, but I'm sure as the months go on when he gets a fistful of hair it will become less so, ha.

2 - I read somewhere that redheads have a higher pain tolerance and it seems to be true when it comes to Larkie. While the rest of us have a point where we yell out and stop Tommy from pulling our hair out, she just sits there and giggles the whole time no matter how hard he pulls.

3 - Tommy started rolling all the way over the day he turned 4 months old. As you can see he is quite happy about this new trick. Or, maybe he just finds it amusing that we are all willingly letting him yank on our hair for kicks. :)

Friday, September 19, 2014

37/52 + 15 weeks

1 - LM has done a stand up job of switching back into school mode. We both have mornings where we would rather sleep in and afternoons where neither one of us is thrilled to sit down and do homework, but I can feel the lazy days of summer starting to shake off and structure beginning to take form. She is in a school where she is taught in Spanish half of the day and English the other half and I kid you not the very first day of school she came home rolling her r's like a buttery purring lion. Sometimes I ask her to say words just so I can hearrrrr it. Honorable mention: she got 100% on her first spelling test today!

2 - Lark is seriously a hoot, unlike this picture where she looks rather serious (but cute) as she searches for ripe tomatoes in the garden (which she does everyday). This week we were driving in the car and she asked me, "Mom, why do we call it bear feet when it's not covered?" I was confused for a second until I realized she meant why do we call it bare feet when we don't wear shoes, so we talked about the difference between the two and then she was quiet for a moment.

"Hey, mom?"
"Why doesn't a bear where shoes?"
"I don't know, why?"
"Because it has bare feet!"


3 - Tommy is allllmost rolling over to his right side.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

36/52 + 14 weeks

So, I am pretty consistent at not being consistent when it comes to blogging, especially during summertime when it is certainly better for my soul to be outside rather than in front of a computer screen. We have been going on lots of walks, LM started school, I started exercising every morning once more, and Tommy started sleeping through the night. I am harvesting what little survived in my poor neglected garden this year (tomatoes, green beans, chard, kale, and basil), and will be canning the pears and apples from our trees later this week. We are getting back into a routine with a rhythm that feels good.

I haven't been very good at taking pictures the last month, so I am not going to worry about playing catch up for this weekly series and just start off again fresh this week.

1 - LM shucking corn on the front porch in this perfect September weather. We've been enjoying a lot of fresh local produce and cool breezes lately. No complaints here.

2 - Lark has started to become more affectionate lately and I am soaking it all up like a sponge. I love our mornings together while sister is in school.

3 - Tommy is three months old! He sleeps like a champ, laughs when we nibble on his cheeks, and 'talks' to us with the sweetest voice. He kick, kick, kicks those little legs as fast as he can and prefers his fist to a pacifier. He is just the best, I tell ya.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

happy sixth birthday little miss

We celebrated LM's birthday with family back in August. She requested to roast hot dogs and s'mores over a campfire, so I asked my sister Amy if we could throw the party in her backyard set in the beautiful mountains near Park City. There was one purple polka dot balloon tied to the picnic table and the view did the rest. LM and her cousins spent all evening laughing together on the trampoline, exploring the area on a 'secret' hike, and enjoying the farm animals including Pip the pygmy goat. We sang Happy Birthday with six candles stuck haphazardly into a sticky roasted marshmallow for her to blow out, and I don't think a smile left her face all night.

Once the sun went down we all bundled up and watched the Lego Movie on the side of the barn with the stars and a big silvery moon shining above us. It felt like the perfect way to send off summer, and bid farewell to my sweet five year-old. Six is going to be great.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

29/52 + 7 weeks

1 - LM has been proclaiming her independence lately. According to her, she is old enough to start doing certain things on her own now, some more risky than others. I've been letting her stretch her wings and try doing a few jobs all by herself with supervision and rules set in place, like painting her nails or using the sharp knives to help cut vegetables for dinner. She also wants to make her own lunch often. This means she eats an egg salad sandwich almost daily because using an egg slicer is the jam when you're five.

I'll be honest, its a little hard for me to watch her make a big mess in the kitchen or be patient as she takes waaaaay longer to paint her nails than if I just did it for her. But seeing her so proud of her handiwork and watching her gain confidence, that is 100% worth it.

2 - Lark has a new way of reading (read: looking at the pictures and making up stories) books. She never ceases to put a smile on my face with her shenanigans.

3 & 4 - Sweet Tommy's smile very well could bring about world peace. Today LM was upset over something I can't even remember and she started to yell in frustration when Tommy looked directly at her and got the biggest grin on his face. It immediately cut her tirade short. She started laughing instead and basically melted into a gushy puddle at his feet and forgot all about her supposed injustice. His little squishy face is irresistible. Thanks again for that one, Tommy.


Friday, July 18, 2014

happy birthday to my man

To the man who makes us all happy, we wish you the happiest of birthdays! Thank you for being such a loving, fun, and attentive father and husband. We sure love you.

Let's go out and celebrate!